A Word from our Clients…

I can hardly remember my experience now with the other flood insurers; however, what I do remember is that none of them were really interested in selling me flood insurance (I must have gone through 15-20 agents before I reached your name-believe that was on the flood.gov? website). Most agents said I didn't NEED flood insurance because I didn't live in a flood plain. When I said, "Well what about the folks in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, most of them didn't live in a flood plain either but they are swimming right now!" They really didn't answer me. One guy heard thunder in the background during our phone conversation (it had just started storming) and he actually asked me, "Are you scared of the storm so you think you need flood insurance?" I was FURIOUS!!! I also had one agent call me back with a quote for a $600 per year premium! When I balked at this he said, "Well, I guess we can't help you then." He never had any intension of helping me; at least I HOPE he didn't. But one insurance agent finally confessed to me that the reason insurance agents don't like to write flood insurance policies is because of the government red tape (lots of paperwork I guess?) and the small amount of profit made by the insurance company / insurance agent. That is about all I can remember about my experience, except that you Mona, and your company, made it "all's well that ends well." You were like a breath of fresh air. I just kept hearing and seeing that poor man in Minnesota or Wisconsin? Whose big, beautiful house slide into the raging river below & was torn into pieces & someone asking him if he had flood insurance & his reply, "Well we tried to get flood insurance but they said we didn't need it because we didn't live in a flood plain." I couldn't help but wonder how different his story would have been if he had talked to you first, Mona. Thanks again for all your help.

Peg Gordon

"The Flood Insurance Agency makes getting flood coverage for my clients so easy - they have the expertise and they are very prompt in responding to any request I have. They also handled my personal flood insurance in a most efficient manner."

Freda G. Horn, CIC CPIW
Acordia Mid Atlantic
P.O. Box 1300
Roanoke, VA 24005

"Evan Hecht was caring, compassionate and expressed genuine concern for us. The flood damage was devastating. Having a competent, professional agent to work with, brought us peace of mind. During this time, Evan and Tiara anticipated our needs and followed up with us regularly to ensure that our claims were processed in a fast, courteous and trouble-free manner." (click here to view entire testimonial.)

Judith A. Escamilla
Executive Director
Houma-Terrebonne Housing Authority
Houma, Louisiana

"Evan and Tiara Hecht, the owners of TFIA, represented Great Pacific Insurance for many years, supplying their clients with flood insurance and lender placed insurance products on our behalf. Whether it was in the placement of risk, cancellation of coverage, or loss settlement, Evan and Tiara always represented their clients' interests to the fullest extent. We referred many clients to them over the years. I highly recommend their services."

Mark A. Speizer
Former Chairman of the Board and CEO
National Information Group
(Parent of Great Pacific Insurance Company)

"Burke & Herbert Bank has been working with Evan and Tiara Hecht, the owners of TFIA, for seven years now, and they still go that extra mile. We really appreciate the excellent customer service."

Erik J. Dorn
Assistant VP
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co.
Alexandria, VA

"If everyone in the industry were to provide the kind of great service that Evan and Tiara Hecht provide, it would make our jobs much easier. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

Jim Christian, President
First Consumer Credit Services
Mission Viejo, CA

"Evan and Tiara, owners of TFIA, always offer prompt, professional and courteous service. They are extremely knowledgeable of the products they offer. We are pleased with their long-standing commitment to our insurance needs and are proud to be associated with them."

Jodi Neubaum
Housing Authority Insurance Group
Cheshire, CT

"Evan Hecht has been our insurance agent since 1985, and his performance has always been excellent. Throughout the years, Evan has worked diligently to find the best product to fit our needs - and at the best price!"

Dale L. Dykema, CEO
T.D. Service Financial
Santa Ana, CA

"First Security Thrift Company has been using Evan and Tiara Hecht's company for flood insurance coverage and other insurance products for many years. We have always been extremely happy with the services they provide."

Jim Norfleet
VP & Loan Administrator
First Security Thrift Company
Orange, CA

"Our company, SH Financial, Inc., has been doing business with Evan and Tiara Hecht's company for many years. We get fast and friendly service - exactly what our business needs!"

Linda Barry
SH Financial, Inc.
Mesa, AZ

"The service that we receive the Hecht's is second to none. I have had several hard situations come up, and each and every time I have been able to get the situation resolved quickly with the help of Evan and Tiara. I have worked with Tiara for five years and do not have one complaint. There are not very many people I know with a track record like that!"

Michelle Hood
Viking Capital, Inc.
Sausalito, CA

"I have been acquainted with Evan Hecht and his insurance company for over 13 years. In that time, I have known Evan, Tiara and their associates to be accurate, thorough and very responsive to the needs of lenders for whom they provide insurance services. Tiara's patience and attitude are exceptional, and she has often been instrumental in training new staff. I am pleased to recommend them to other banks/lenders who do flood insurance for real estate secured loans."

Teresa Thompson
Senior Vice President
Loan Service
Quaker City Bank

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Evan and his company since 1986. During that time I have come to respect Evan's uncompromising pursuit of the very best from himself and his service providers. We have had many companies engage in similar relationships with us over the years, but few have stayed the course and continued to offer the superior service offered by Evan's company."

James Young
VP, Client Relations
First American Real Estate Information Service, Inc.
Dallas, TX

“The Flood Insurance Agency has processed our flood determinations for several years…. Not only has the service always been excellent, but also any time we’ve had questions or concerns, the staff has always gone out of their way to help us understand the process so that we can better serve our customers.”

Lisa W. Bond
First National Bank
Christianburg, VA
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